Helen Cordero Primary School Hits a Home Run! Movement in the Classroom Improves Everything!

Helen Cordero Primary School in Albuquerque, NM participated in a recent Children’s Brain/Body Balancing study. The preliminary results of offering Children’s Brain/Body Balancing in half the classrooms are now in. And everyone is celebrating!

 Ellen Griffiths, the principal, and 20 teachers took the Children’s Brain/Body Balancing training in March, 2012. In less than two months, the following amazing improvements were observed in eighteen classrooms, from pre-k through 2nd grade. Imagine what the improvements could be when Children’s Brain/Body Balancing is practiced in the classrooms year round!

Improvements in the classrooms include:

Focus/Concentration – improved in 83% of the classrooms

Calmness – improved in 100% of the classrooms

Self-regulation – improved in 83% of the classrooms 

Follow directions – improved in 95% of the classrooms

Attention – improved in  95% of the classrooms

Attitude – improved in 88% of the classrooms

Effect on Learning – improved in 83% of the classrooms

Effect on Testing – improved in 100% of the classrooms           

I want to express my deepest appreciation to the principal, teachers and staff for your dedication and hard work with the children at Helen Cordero Primary School. The results of the study and the success stories are about your efforts. You make Children’s Brain/Body Balancing come alive and I am deeply grateful. Working with all of you is an honor and an inspiration!


Welcome – Open Forum Q & A for Teachers, Parents, Professionals

Welcome to Solutions Without Drugs!
My company is dedicated to helping teachers, parents, and professional show children how to focus, feel calm, and self-regulate by using simple, fun movements before any activity. As a reading specialist, I have watched children do a movement for less than a minute and improve their reading skills, change their behavior, and feel more confident and proud. All of this and more without the use of medication.

A few years ago two parents came to me at an after-school program asking for help with their child’s ADHD behaviors. They knew how unique and intelligent their 7-year old son was and did not want to subject him to stigmatizing labels, drug side effects, or personality changes brought on by medication. I started developing movements that helped little Chet focus, calm himself down, and feel positive about his unique temperament. We all celebrated!

Now I teach teachers how to make movement a regular, natural, enjoyable part of every class. I teach parents how to use movement with their children at home and on the go so that their children have tools to self-regulate. The movements are safe, easy, and fun. And best of all, they work!

I’d like to hear from you. What are the challenges you face with children’s behavior? What would you like to know about Children’s Brain/Body Balancing and the workshops? Let’s create drug-free solutions for children together!

Marcia Lee, Founder, Solutions Without Drugs