Part 3 – Anderson Cooper Show on ADHD – Safe Help for ADHD Behavior

Dear Mr. Cooper,
Parents have the right to be told about safe and effective NON-MEDICATION options that really work for behavior labeled ADHD. The success rate of these options is backed by scientific studies which Dr. Jensen chose to ignore on your show on ADHD.

The options listed below are benevolent and effectively address deeper childhood issues such as temperament, environment, deprivation of movement, social and personal stress, and other contributing factors that ADHD medication never address:
– Movement and exercise
– Parental training
– Innovative teaching strategies
– Behavioral modification programs
– Improved classroom environments
– Biofeedback
– Yoga, martial arts, dance
– Meditation
– Acupuncture
– Nutrition and Vitamins
Marcia Lee, Solutions Without Drugs, Children’s Brain/Body Balancing

Part 2 – Anderson Cooper Show on ADHD – ADHD Medications’ Adverse Effects

Dear Mr. Cooper,
Parents need to know the following crucial scientific facts on ADHD and ADHD medications that were not addressed on your recent show.
ADHD medications have:
– Wide range of serious adverse effects such as suicide, aggression, sudden death, as well as lifelong reactions such as tardive dyskinesia
– Brain disabling effects, including brain shrinkage and reduced blood flow to the brain
– Negative impact on hormones that affect all organs in the body and weaken the immune system
– Long-term research on the effects of ADHD medication on children does NOT exist. We do not know what potential damage will occur as our children age after taking ADHD medication.
– ADHD is NOT like diabetes. There is no chemical test or blood test for ADHD. There is no scientific proof that ADHD exists. All assessments of ADHD are subjective, not scientific.
– ADHD medications create OCD in children, forcing the brain to focus whether it is biologically safe to do so or not.
– ADHD medications are gateway drugs, with the potential for even more serious drug addiction.
– Scientific studies show that medication-free options with no side effects are three times MORE effective than ADHD medications in helping children change their behavior and self-regulate.
– Brain scans show normal developmental differences in children with behavior labeled ADHD. The normal wiring of a child’s brain that produces self-regulation requires time to develop.
– Majority of research on ADHD medications is performed directly by the pharmaceutical companies, even when it is contracted by the FDA.
– ADHD drugs were part of the medication cocktails used by high school shooters in the U.S.
– ADHD medications can delay the normal maturational cycle of behavior.
– ADHD medications may convince a child that he or she is incapable of self-control without a pill, turning them into lifelong patients.

Marcia Lee, Solutions Without Drugs, Children’s Brain/Body Balancing

Part 1 – Anderson Cooper Show on ADHD – Not a Fair Fight

Dear Mr. Cooper,
Parents deserve to hear important facts about ADHD medications that were not addressed recently on your show about ADHD. The lives and health of millions of American children are at stake. We do not want our children to have to pay the terrible price of our ignorance.

ADHD medications are neurotoxic and brain-disabling. This is the real science that Dr. Jensen intentionally did not address. Nor did Dr. Jensen address the fact that psychiatry is trying to make us believe that age-appropriate childhood behavior is an illness. Dr. Jensen’s calm, soothing tones were an act designed to hide bad medicine. His description of children losing their “sparkle” is a far cry from the reality of children drugged into submission like zombies.

Since the 1980s the FDA has warned repeatedly about the seriousness and overuse of psycho-stimulants (ADHD medication) on children. These are the same drugs that were banned from the American market years ago as diet pills and the chemical cousins to the street drugs we DON’T want our children to use. These drugs have been repackaged as ADHD medication, but a nice ad campaign cannot hide the deadly facts.

You need to fight fair, Mr. Cooper, and ask a doctor of similar status and medical background to appear on your show, such as David Stein or Peter Breggin, who can explain the very real and frightening effects of ADHD medications and give parents healthy options for helping their children grow and mature safely. For this to be a fair debate, you also need to produce a show that invites parents of children who died or were permanently impaired because of ADHD medication. Give parents a chance to experience the other side.

Parents can check online at,, and for accurate and complete information on ADHD and ADHD medication.

Marcia Lee, Solutions Without Drugs, Children’s Brain/Body Balancing


by Marcia Lee, Solutions Without Drugs

A dear friend brought this horrible situation of cyber-bullying to my attention recently, suggesting I write about it. I needed to give the subject time and thought because something really deep was moving inside of me. Yes, cyber-bullying is criminal and should stop. But I don’t think telling kids they are bad will do the job. I think we have to examine the root cause of cyber-bullying. What makes kids do this to each other?

The answer that comes to mind is that the youth who are doing the bullying are passing on what was done to them. The renowned Dr. Alice Miller, author of “The Drama of the Gifted Child,” wrote extensively on how later in life human beings often pass on, consciously or unconsciously, the trauma that was done to them in their own childhood. So for me the real question is how are we bullying our children? What is each of us as a parent, teacher, professional, etc. doing to our own children? What is our society doing to our children that makes them bully other children and sometimes even themselves? Can we forgive ourselves for our own mistakes and help our own children?

Are we willing to hear what our children are trying to tell us – about their pain, confusion, hurt, anger, and needs? Instead of listening to our children, are we medicating them to adhere to some strange idea of “normal” or “perfect”, drugging them into obedience against their will? Most children don’t like taking Ritalin or other ADHD medication – they say it makes them feel weird, different, spacey, zombie-like. But parents, teachers, and doctors make children take the pills anyway. Isn’t refusing to respect a child’s will a form of bullying? Are we willing to put out the effort to understand and support the unique humanity and needs of a child? We do that for children subjected to war and terrorism. Can we do that for our own children?

Some so-called experts would like us to believe that medicating/drugging a child is in the child’s best interest, like giving insulin to a diabetic. But ADHD is not a physical disease or a sign of damage in the brain. ADHD is a group of behaviors and those behaviors are saying something we need to listen to. Otherwise, we are bullying our kids. We need to listen to the fact that kids just like adults can get stressed out. At school, at home, in social settings, at a job. And stress results in behaviors that can be disruptive, annoying, and loud. They should be loud. They are broadcasting a message that a child needs help. Not medication to shut them up.

So stop the bullying. Listen to your kids. Hear them. Love and respect them the way they are right now. Create solutions that support their individuality and brilliance. Listen to their dreams. When we do that we fulfill our own.