Kids Focus Tutoring+ – Private Sessions for Child and Parent Now Available in ABQ, NM

Image Private Kids Focus Tutoring+ – Sessions for child and parent are now available with Marcia Lee, Educational Trainer, Reading Specialist, ADD/ADHD Consultant. These individualized Kids Focus one-on-one sessions are designed to help children improve learning, memory, and behavior easily and naturally through the use of simple movements. Marcia provides suggestions for both home and school use.

Marcia works with ages 4 – 18 to offer help with:
– Behavior Management
– Focus and Concentration
– Calmness and Self-Regulation
– Academic Success
– Medication-free help for ADD/ADHD-type behavior
– Skills: Reading, Language, Writing, Study Skills

Parent must accompany child.

For reservations, location, and cost, call Marcia Lee at 949-468-9841 or email

Movers and Shakers in Oakland, CA Love Children’s Brain/Body Balancing



Thank you so much to all the teachers, parents and professionals who participated in the first Children’s Brain/Body Balancing Workshop in Oakland, CA. What an honor and a gift to share the day with so many adults who are dedicated to supporting children’s healthy growth and development through movement. I’m deeply grateful for the wonderfully positive response from the Early Childhood Department at Oakland Unified School District.

I was so impressed by the movement techniques parents and teachers are already using to give children an opportunity to switch on their brains and learn to self-regulate through a variety of fun movements you’ve created yourselves. I hope you came away with even more tools and a new vision of childhood growth and development.

I loved seeing each one of you explore how movement felt inside your own bodies, and how much it improved your own focus and concentration, and brightened your attitude toward everything. Now you know why teachers, principals, counselors, social workers, parents, and mental health professionals use Children’s Brain/Body Balancing movements with young children EVERY DAY in schools, at home, and on the go. 

I look forward to the next opportunity to share Children’s Brain/Body Balancing with the amazing parents, teachers, and professionals in Oakland, CA.
Love Kids!
Marcia Lee, Solutions Without Drugs Reading Specialist, NM Certified Educational Trainer, ADD/ADHD Consultant

Children’s Brain/Body Balancing Workshop – Level One – January 7, 2012 (Saturday) for Teachers, Parents and Professionals

January 7, 2012 (Saturday) – 9 am – 5 pm
Children’s Brain/Body Balancing Workshop – Level One
for Teachers, Parents, Professionals

Start the new year with the best teaching and parenting tool available!
Help children focus, self-regulate, feel calm, and concentrate using simple movements in the classroom and at home!
Join Marcia Lee, Educational Trainer, Reading Specialist, ADHD Consultant, for a dynamic, information-filled workshop:
Location: High Desert Center for Spiritual Living, 5621 Paradise Blvd. NW, (west of Golf Course Rd.) Albuquerque, NM
Cost: $129 per person, Eligible for 6 CEUs, Approved on NM Trainer Registry
RESERVATIONS: Call 949-468-9841 or Email
Note: Call for info to see if you qualify for FREE admission!
Limited Space! Call NOW to reserve a space!

Children’s Brain/Body Balancing Workshop on October 14, 2011 Albuquerque, NM

The first all-day Level One Children’s Brain/Body Balancing Workshop in Albuquerque drew together an amazingly talented and dedicated group of people, including parents, teachers, school counselors and psychologists, early childhood clinicians, OTs, PTs, and SLH. Wow!

The workshop was filled with firsthand experiences of simple yet novel movements that children can do to feel calm and focused, and to self-regulate. Attendees were able to experience for themselves the immediate positive results in calmness and focus that movement created. With hoots and laughter, doing the movements kept the attendees alert and focused, yet relaxed. Truly the best proof is firsthand experience! Children’s Brain/Body Balancing is safe, easy, and it works!

In this Level One workshop, I also explained the neuroscience of young children’s brains and why Children’s Brain/Body Balancing works so well to help them self-regulate and mature. We examined the stages of children’s brain development and how movement and other positive stimuli can support positive brain growth and positive behavior.

Another highlight of the workshop included an in-depth discussion of new strategies for positive behavior, self-regulation, and improving self-esteem. The impact of labels and temperament was explored along with how to change the “bad child script’ and how to manage behavior labeled ADD/ADHD.

All in all, a full day of practical and insightful information on helping children focus, feel calm, concentrate, and self-regulate using movement. This program is drug-free and free of medication.