Marcia Lee Presenting at ISEPP Conference: “Alternatives to Biological Psychiatry: If We Don’t Medicate, What Do We Do” on October 28, Doubletree at Hilton Inn, LAX

Marcia Lee, Educational Trainer, Reading Specialist, ADD/ADHD Consultant, and founder of Solutions Without Drugs and the Children’s Brain/Body Balancing Program, will speak at the upcoming ISEPP (The International Society for Ethical Psychology and Psychiatry) Conference: “Alternatives to Biological Psychiatry: If We Don’t Medicate, What Do We Do?” in Los Angeles at the Doubletree at the Hilton Inn, Culver City, on Friday, October 28, 2011 at 2:15 p.m. in the Marinas Room.

World renowned speakers will address a multitude of alternatives to biological psychiatry and the most current approaches, modalities, and therapies for parents, teachers, professionals, and psychiatric survivors. Registration for the ISEPP Conference is available online at or at the door on October 28 and 29.

Marcia Lee’s presentation focuses on:

“Childhood “ADHD” Behavior – The Neuroscience Behind Using Movement to
Self-Regulate Instead of Medication”
Current neuroscientific research demonstrates that movement is one of the most effective means of stimulating and balancing the brain. The physiology of a child’s developing brain creates the opportunity for self-regulation through simple movements that balance both hemispheres of the brain without the use of medication, ameliorating childhood behaviors labeled “ADHD” (which are actually normal behaviors) in the classroom, at home, and on the go. Research also indicates that using movement before any learning activity improves learning and retention, creating an effective teaching strategy for the classroom.

Children’s Brain/Body Balancing Workshop on October 14, 2011 Albuquerque, NM

The first all-day Level One Children’s Brain/Body Balancing Workshop in Albuquerque drew together an amazingly talented and dedicated group of people, including parents, teachers, school counselors and psychologists, early childhood clinicians, OTs, PTs, and SLH. Wow!

The workshop was filled with firsthand experiences of simple yet novel movements that children can do to feel calm and focused, and to self-regulate. Attendees were able to experience for themselves the immediate positive results in calmness and focus that movement created. With hoots and laughter, doing the movements kept the attendees alert and focused, yet relaxed. Truly the best proof is firsthand experience! Children’s Brain/Body Balancing is safe, easy, and it works!

In this Level One workshop, I also explained the neuroscience of young children’s brains and why Children’s Brain/Body Balancing works so well to help them self-regulate and mature. We examined the stages of children’s brain development and how movement and other positive stimuli can support positive brain growth and positive behavior.

Another highlight of the workshop included an in-depth discussion of new strategies for positive behavior, self-regulation, and improving self-esteem. The impact of labels and temperament was explored along with how to change the “bad child script’ and how to manage behavior labeled ADD/ADHD.

All in all, a full day of practical and insightful information on helping children focus, feel calm, concentrate, and self-regulate using movement. This program is drug-free and free of medication.