Change Children’s Lives Overnight: January 7, 2012 Children’s Brain/Body Balancing Workshop in Albuquerque


I would like to invite you to a workshop that can change children’s lives overnight. Children’s Brain/Body Balancing is for every teacher, counselor, administrator, parent, and caregiver who would like to help children learn how to self-regulate, and feel calm and focused, without medication. The simple movements can help a child regulate herself/himself in under a minute! The workshop promises to be a day filled with new tools and a new vision of childhood growth and development.

Please join me on Saturday, January 7, 2012 in Albuquerque for the Level One Children’s Brain/Body Balancing Workshop. It will revolutionize your ideas of child behavior, growth, development, and self-regulation.

Create a real change for children in America! Contact me at 949-468-9841 or email me at
Marcia Lee, Solutions Without Drugs
Reading Specialist, Certified Educational Trainer, ADD/ADHD Consultant

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